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26th Annual KC Music Workshop

Gospel Music at Its Best!

The Kansas City Performing Music and Arts, Association (KCPMAA), in partnership with the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ (CMBCJC), and support from the Kansas City Blue River Kansas City Baptist Association Vision 2020 Grant Application, present the  26thAnnual Kansas City Music Arts Workshop; Gospel Music at Its Best - February 18 - 22, 2019, at the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, 6841 Sni-A-Bar Road, Kansas City, MO.   The purpose of this event is to facilitate each participant’s development of intellectual abilities and skills in the area of Gospel Music. KCPMAA is truly an organization that is dedicated to keeping the music heritage of Kansas City alive and well. 

The music workshop, which is open to the public, features one-hour classes taught Monday, Feb. 18 - Thursday, Feb. 21st (6:00pm - 7:00PM) in the following disciplines: 1) Vocal Performance; 2) Music Composition; 3) Video Technology and Recording; 4) Choreography/Dance; 5) Music Leadership and Artist Development; 6) Choral Directing;  and 7) Youth Development.  Each class will be taught by experience individuals who are teachers, music industry professionals, musicians, and artisits in the field.  The classes are followed by 2.5 hours of choir rehearsal.  The workshop is divided into two mass choirs, youth and adults.  Both choirs will be feature   original compositions presented by Kansas City writers, who represent some of the best talent Kansas City has to offer in the Gospel Music Industry.  The workshop will climax with a concert on Friday, February 22, 2019 - 7:00 PM, at the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church of Jesus Christ, 6841 Sni-A-Bar Road, Kansas City, MO.

Workshop composers and class facilitators: Rev. Michael Portley, Anthony M. Harvey, Jr., Odell Talley, Elwanda C. Richardson, Cordero Booker, Bernard Harvey, Cameron Taylor, and many more...

Early Registration (Before Feb. 10th, 2019): $35 for Adults, and $5 for Youth.

Late Registration (After Fev. 10th, 2019): $40 for Adults and $5 for Youth.

Onsite Registration (Credit Card/Cash Only).

Online Registration

Adult participants are able to register online by clicking the link above through February 10, 2019.   You don't want to miss this worthwhile, and rewarding event!